A subscription-first cosmetic brand Wild refill that wants to change the world, one armpit at a time.

Shopify Shopify Plus and Recharge Recharge were the backbone of this upgrade from an antiquated monolithic stack to headless powerhouse, to support this young but high growth brand.

Subscription-first shopping

With a somewhat complex

product offering…
"What plan is right for you"
"Do you know how it works?"
“What colour case?"
"How many scents? Which ones?"
"Do you want your case engraved?"

...a Recharge Recharge powered product builder was the logical approach to guide the user. Breaking down the purchase flow into smaller more-manageable chunks, with useful information along the way.

Whats more, it had to work like a dream on mobile with such large numbers of customers coming from social channels.

Design system

When Wild came to us, a lot of the ingredients were there already from a Brand point-of-view, we just had to show them how to use them. This is where our extensive Design system comes in.

We revived some retro-inspired (but modern) typography, created a AA compliant colour system and of course harnessed the power of emoji’s 🙂!

The resulting vibrant and playful

were particularly important to resonate with their Gen-Z and millennial audiences.


Wild are on a high growth trajectory, and we’ve laid the bricks for global domination. Horizontal scaling for the high-traction moments, multi-language and multi-currency all across one global store.

Test & Learn

Nothing is left to chance. As experts in eCommerce we think we know what we’re doing, but a big part of our decision making is through testing (and learning) and

Ministry of Supply

Coming soon

. Whether that’s optimising the minutiae to make small gains, user testing or doing larger A/B tests on features.

One such example was validating our approach on the product builder — Would a traditional PDP actually be more successful despite our instincts saying otherwise. In a matter of (a few intensive) days, we ensured our solution was right approach and no money was left on the table for Wild.

PDP vs Builder test

We have partnered with Rotate° for almost 2 years and love working with them. Rotate° have had a profound impact on our business and they are highly valued by the Wild team.

The team at Rotate° optimised our entire sales funnel which increased our annual revenue by £4 million.

Charlie Bowes-Lyon On top of this, Rotate° increased website performance (especially on mobile), made it easier for our team to scale and ultimately improved our already-high conversion rate by 11% with a best-in-class experience.

Rotate° are easy to work with, and true experts in their field. We are absolutely delighted with our partnership.

Charlie Bowes-Lyon , Co-founder of Wild.

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