Big Green Egg.

A new digital destination for the world’s best BBQ; the Big Green Egg.

Replatform from Magento to a headless Commerce Layer Commerce Layer solution to enable a mouthwatering blend of commerce and cooking.

How Giving a 5-star service in Digital

The customer service team were inundated with ordering issues; it can be an intimidating and confusing buying purchase. And selling high-ticket, luxury products through the web can be challenging.

To hand hold the customer(s) we created a Build an Egg video walkthrough that both educated and sold along the process. Reducing returns, complaints and driving AOV.

The Build an Egg feature helped increase AOV by a big green-with-envy 36%.

From acquisition-only, to a destination for all customers.

The Egg will last a lifetime, but the previous iteration of the website only catered for new customers; just the tip of the iceberg. We set about ensure the experience supported every customer in their lifecycle from inquisitor through to lapsed, it makes business-sense to support each stage.

Branded content (Recipes and chef’s stories) and how-to guides, were some of the

solutions to keep customers coming back for more. And spending money. With more on the horizon…

Cooking & Commerce working in harmony

Storytelling through the experience was key. Our

was to show-off what you can do with the Egg, rather than a lump on ceramic. Video was the perfect mechanism to convey taste in digital; you can almost taste it!

Of course a balance had to be struck with content and commerce, with strategically placed modules and collections all curated in the Headless Dato CMS Dato CMS.

Julia Tasker Rotate° have been integral in expanding our D2C platform. They understand our goals as a company and how customer experience, design and technology weaves into our success. It's a partnership we are proud to have.

With a benefit-led approach to our site redesign, combined with the technical platform migration away from Magento to Commerce Layer, the first year was a great success. We saw our key project metrics all increase; a 36% increase in AOV and 19% increase in Conversion Rate, which combined grew revenue by 60% year on year.

Today, they continue to support us and the wider portfolio of brands we operate, helping us shape and define the strategy to scale our various digital businesses.

Julia Tasker, General Manager at Big Green Egg.

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