Launching a design-centric brand, brought to you from the world's best specialists at Moorfields Eye Hospital.

Power couple Shopify Shopify and Recharge Recharge were paired to create an experience as powerful as it is pleasing to the eyes.

Eye pleasing

We wanted to create an experience that was good to your eyes, quite literally.

For a brand (Created by Made Thought ) that champions eye health we wanted (needed!) an experience that not only looked visually appealing but also had functional accessibility features to support this.

We created a colour mode feature, inline with expert science for the visually impaired, to allow the user to adjust the colours as they see fit.

Colour modes

Seamless Subscription

We used Recharge Recharge to power subscriptions. As market leader for Shopify Shopify subscriptions it was a no-brainer in delivering a simple yet effective


Furthermore, to remove any potential buying friction, an Amazon Buy button was implemented. The Amazon ecosystem can obviously be a powerful tool, and one that was part of the sales strategy.

Creating 3D worlds

As a start-up MTHK had no existing content to work with, we were commissioned with

and creation. And with 3D often more cost-effective and timely than real-world photography —not to mention it's endless capabilities— we delivered a new set of digitally-generated assets.

This gave us the opportunity to not only create product shots but also more interesting, and abstract, branded content for every digital touchpoint.

Credit: Fabio Ziplies



but more specifically social media being so integral to a modern brand we created a series of social assets and templates to enable MTHK to talk to their customers in an engaging and consistent way.

A social toolkit to support the team in finding traction within the market.

This is the second website that Rotate˚ has built for me Amar Radia

They exceeded my expectations on MTHK, delivering a best-in-class site that’s beautifully designed, intuitive and easy to navigate. It stands head and shoulders above our competitors.

Amar Radia, Founder of MTHK.

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