Editorial-heavy commerce, to evoke (and convert) every single step Tracksmith pants of the journey.

With an upgrade from Shopify Shopify to Shopify Plus on a Headless architecture we have set US-based Tracksmith up for serious international growth.

It’s a marathon, delivered in sprints.

We’ve been partners for Tracksmith for many years now.

Our agile team plugs-in as a digital department, working collaboratively with Tracksmith stakeholders to constantly and iteratively improve the customers experience, all with business goals and return-on-investment front of mind.

Curating powerful stories

With an incredibly rich collection of photography, and product stories, the client required a powerful curation engine. Dato CMS Dato was the headless CMS of choice here; it’s powerful and beautiful in it’s simplicity.

With our CMS setup an extensive component library coupled with a page builder makes storytelling pain-free and the content shine.

Component Library

A new platform for success

After years using a monolithic Shopify Shopify architecture the time was right to build for scale, and as a no-compromise approach to commerce (Headless can unlock unparalleled performance, creative control, best-in-class tools, true international functionality and much more powerful) whilst remaining on the Shopify ecosystem.

With the current tech stack a new rebuild will never be required again. Instead we can, and are, refining this digital flagship store in a sustainable and —through

Ministry of Supply

Coming soon

activities— a measureable manner.

Creating a community

Being champions of a new breed of runner, Tracksmith has a real community of customers. And we are helping deliver digital solutions to leverage and engage them.

Reportage-style stories and microsites aside, one such activation is the Events calendar. Built to support their global trackhouse and running clubs.

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