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On a mission to help the planet, one bottle at a time.


Chilly’s are a sustainability company on a mission to accelerate the adoption and everyday use of reusable products.

They fuse quality design with the latest technology to create leading products in their industry.

The Brief

As a long-term partner, our brief was to support Chilly’s desire to go from ambitious start-up, to a global brand serving over 35 markets across the world.

First, create a brand, ready for the masses.


Whilst the trusty chilli logo got the business to a reputable place. As part of the shift to a larger, more aspirational lifestyle brand we needed to modernise. The logo itself was a small part of the new identity (More coming soon).


The new website balances eCommerce best practices along with positioning Chilly's as a lifestyle product, with a conscious. 

Features included integration of customer reviews, multi- language and multi-currency, up-selling in the cart and visual bottle personalisation.

Product Customiser

Building on strong foundations

Over the past few years Chilly's have seen enormous growth. As such we wanted to create an architecture that could infinitely scale with them.

With over 10k pages and with aspects of the custom api not being cacheable, we decided to build the entire site across serverless functions. The entire site is compromised of over 20 serverless functions. These spin up on demand ensuring whether the site has 1,000 active users on the site or 100,000 the site.

Future-proofed Stack

We created a distributed technology stack aka 'Headless', that integrated Commerce Layer as the commerce cart, as well as Dato CMS which powered all content. 

This provided a number of wins including improved site speed and performance, leveraging a PWA, SEO performance and faster iteration and deployment.

Moving to a central CMS for content also allowed Chilly’s to manage one store serving over 35 territories, selling products in various currencies and languages with content managed effortlessly from a single CMS.

Astute Acquisition

With our performance marketing campaigns via Google Ads, we've honed our Cost Per Acquisition to build PPC as a key acquisition channel worldwide. 

Also, we've developed the CMS to build dynamic pages for new customers based on their acquisition path and intent, to further tailor the 'post-click' experience and increase their propensity to purchase.

This is complimented by an SEO strategy which focuses both on and off site, making optimisations which deliver the most traffic volume and value to Chilly's.

The results so far have been exponential.

SME to Enterprise

In the past 12 months, we have helped move Chilly’s from an SME to an enterprise eCommerce business with direct to consumer revenues growing over 166% YoY.

On mobile, this is even greater with revenue increasing by 302% and transactions are up 544%, as well as a conversion rate improvement of 134%.

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