Creating memorable eCom experiences: A dive into content-rich product pages

"Today, people buy experiences, not products… Products [aren’t the main] differentiator anymore… Companies are competing for the hearts and minds of all customers and should aim to exceed their expectations during every point of the journey."

Shantanu Narayen , Adobe CEO

In the fast-paced world of e-commerce, product pages often prioritise conversion and order value over meaningful user engagement. However, by integrating rich content alongside eCommerce best practice we can enrich a shoppers understanding of a brands value, instil trust in its quality and ultimately create inspiring journeys that drive engagement and conversions.

Some guiding principles for success:

  • Innovate without Compromising Usability: Strive for innovation while ensuring a seamless user experience.

  • Content that Aids User Interaction: Engaging content should facilitate user engagement and interaction.

  • Clear CTAs Keep the Shopping Journey Top-of-Mind: Ensure that calls-to-action are prominent and guide users effectively.

Now, let's dive into some awesome content-rich product pages


A highly immersive shopping experience, seamlessly integrating a content-rich story page with a clutter-free product page.

What we love:

  • A combination of videos and images make benefits easy to understand

  • Bold and punchy text makes reading digestible and showcases the brands no-fuss tone of voice

  • Interactive modules make features highly engaging

  • Fixed and sticky CTAs make the actions clear all the way along the journey

Made by: Basic Agency

Visit Site: Story Page , Product Page


Effortlessly moving from immersive storytelling to innovative product pages, shoppers encounter a stylish, functional, and environmentally conscious product brought to life.

What we love:

  • Interactive motion is used to hero the product in a highly engaging way

  • Customer reviews and testimonials provides social proof

  • Succinct descriptions and engaging visuals highlight advanced features

  • Sticky add to bag CTA allows shoppers to explore and shop

Made by: Rotate

Visit Site: Story page , Product Page

Blunt Umbrellas

A carefully designed, sleek, and modern interface effortlessly blends a minimalist aesthetic with convenient, user-friendly functionalities.

What we love:

  • Interactive use of colour makes every option an immersive experience

  • Thoughtfully positioned and detailed descriptions enhance the understanding of durability and performance

  • A blend of clean illustrations and imagery woven through the story highlight the patented and innovative design

  • Fixed "Add to Bag" button with full buying functionality guides users effortlessly through the buying process

Made by: Almond Studio

Visit Site: Product Page


An editorial led lifestyle experience, beautifully balancing nutrition education, personal well-being, and a streamlined purchasing journey.

What we love:

  • A vibrant celebration of brand values bring health and nutrition to life

  • High-quality visuals and descriptions set clear expectations, enticing further exploration

  • Scientific credibility cues aid understanding of health benefits

  • User testimonials offer social validation and community connection

  • Fixed "Add to Cart" call-to-action directs shoppers along their health journey

Made by: Rotate

Visit Site: Product page

Opal Camera

A unique user experience that immerses shoppers in a beautifully crafted journey, showcasing the meticulous attention to detail and product design.


  • Slider view comparison and animated technical drawings deepen understanding of product features

  • Beautiful lifestyle photography and video allow shoppers to envision themselves using the product

  • Animated 3D photography in the visual overview enhances product tangibility

  • Fixed "Order Now" button ensures smooth navigation and constant access to action

Made by: Opal Cameras

Visit Site: Product page

In summary, content-rich product pages may not always be the right approach, but if quality and design are intrinsic to your brand or product, combining rich content with user-friendly best practices, such as high-quality imagery, interactive features, customer reviews, and clear calls-to-action, empowers brands to build immersive experiences that are memorable with customers and drive conversions.

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