Senior Technical Lead

Are you a coding maestro with a passion for turning innovative ideas into seamless digital experiences? Do you thrive in a collaborative, cross-functional team environment? If so, we want you on board.

At Rotate°, we're on the lookout for a passionate and experienced Technical Lead Senior Full Stack Engineer to join our dynamic team. If you're passionate about shaping the future of eCommerce excellence, this may be your golden ticket.

  • Salary: Depending on experience

  • Reporting to: Head of Engineering

  • Location: Hybrid (Minimum of 2 days in London Office, Tuesday & Thursday)

  • Role Type: Full Time

About Rotate°

We are an award-winning digital creative studio that specialises in online eCommerce experiences – from brand, to build, to audience.

Our clients not only have to be brands we believe in but ones we are passionate about growing, with like-minded teams we love creating with. They drive us, we drive them. Together we balance creativity and technology to create value, increase sales and build memorable digital brands...It’s way more than just a website.

It’s a relaxed environment where we really take pride in our work. Together we create value and build memorable digital experiences.

About the role

As a Technical Lead Senior Full Stack Engineer at Rotate, you will take the lead in a cross-functional team, defining and implementing cutting-edge solutions for our Partners' e-commerce stores. This role is a perfect blend of hands-on technical leadership, strategic planning, and mentorship.


Here's a sneak peek into your daily adventures:

  • Planning, Scoping, and Partner Discovery: Dive deep into the technical backlog, shaping a roadmap that aligns with our Partners' dreams. Collaborate across departments, ensuring seamless scope and documentation.

  • Delivery Planning and Forecasting: Oversee the creation of cutting-edge e-commerce solutions, mastering the art of frontend execution and JavaScript wizardry. Lead with finesse, provide accurate estimates, and keep the team on track with sprint management.

  • True Partnership and Collaboration: Communicate with partners transparently, ensuring technical approaches align with project timelines and budgets. Safeguard your team, keeping them focused on what matters.

  • Cover and Resource Management: Be the maestro, planning and orchestrating resources for optimal project delivery.

  • Bugs and Technical Debt Management: Lead the charge in managing bugs and technical debt, ensuring a smooth sailing for our Partners.

  • Engineering Team Support: Foster a culture of collaboration, support engineers, and radiate optimism while keeping an eye on evolving JavaScript frameworks.

  • Line Management: Lead your team to greatness, from recruitment to fostering a culture of continuous improvement.

About you

Ultimately, you will have 4+ years in a similar role and will work seamlessly across the whole team to identify and create best-in-class quality products in a timely manner that meets or exceeds the expectations of the Partner and your team.

We're seeking individual who:

  • is a team player with stellar communication skills.

  • has 7+ years of professional commercial experience, with 2+ from within an agency.

  • drives technical excellence and foster collaboration.

  • has technical knowledge deeper than the Mariana Trench, especially in headless e-commerce platforms and modern JavaScript frameworks.

  • speaks the language of modern JavaScript frameworks (Vanilla, Vue, Svelte, React) fluently.

  • led builds of e-commerce web apps and thrive in fast-paced environments.

  • is a talented captain when charting the course with a long-term roadmap, ensuring seamless collaboration with cross-functional teams.

  • actively seeks new experiences and opportunities to learn and master their skills.

  • have a keen eye for design and can lead their team to deliver polished user interfaces that wow our Partners.

  • is confident in Agile Software Development and has experience with CI/CD pipelines, mockup and UI prototyping tools and in consuming data from REST APIs.

  • is a Data Whisperer, can crunch numbers, analyse and turn data into actionable insights.

  • is self-organised, capable of taking ownership and leading the team, understand the challenges of project management, and actively contributes to successful delivery.


We're not just looking for an Engineer, we're on the hunt for someone who shares our DNA. We are looking for someone naturally curious, a team player, who possesses an unwavering passion for pushing boundaries. Our culture is a dynamic fusion of creativity and collaboration. We value:

  • Sensitivity to others - you are polite and considerate to clients and colleagues and understand that we’re all working toward the same goal.

  • Teamwork - you work collaboratively with colleagues and clients to achieve your goals, shunning individual heroism. You recognise the importance of our baseline standards and adhere to them.

  • Self-organising - you take responsibility for your own schedule and workload, knowing what's expected of you each week, and can confidently juggle multiple priorities.

  • Strong opinions lightly held - you speak up, but you’ll listen to critique with open ears.

  • Integrity - you establish clear commitments and expectations, doing what it takes to fulfil them.

  • Resilience and tenacity - you navigate through difficult situations and face challenges head-on, instead of waiting for others to solve them for you.

What else do we offer?

  • Time Off — You’re entitled to 27 days of paid holidays per year, plus BH and with a whole company closure over Christmas. We encourage taking time off, to recharge and spend time with your favourite people.

  • Flexible Remote Working — You will have the option of working up to 3 days a week remotely.

  • Wellness Fund — Within a year you can expense up to £250 on equipment or activities to boost your wellbeing.

  • Enhanced Maternity / Paternity Leave — It’s important to us that our employees are given as much support during this special time, which is why we have an enhanced policy.

  • Unlimited Personal Development Fund — We have an untethered fund for your professional development. These are reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

  • Biannually Personal Development Reviews and a monthly session with your Line Manager to ensure that Rotate° is supporting you in reaching your career goals.

  • Equipment Budget — We know you are most effective when you have the right equipment that works for you. As such, on starting, you will work with your Line Manager to agree the best setup for you - standing desks, monitors, laptops, you name it.

  • Off-Site Days — Summer Party, Christmas Party, End of Month Parties - if there is an excuse, we'll have a party.

  • Team Lunches — When we’re in the office we order food for the whole team 1 - 2 times a week. It’s the one day, nobody has to think about lunch but it’s when we all come together to not only share the food but to catch up and have fun!

  • Discounts — We also work with great clients that give us discounts too.

How do you know if you’ll love working with us?

We genuinely care about our people.  We are committed to building a company that people are proud to work for, where we deliver amazing award-winning work for our clients, and everyone supports and learns from each other!

We are an equal opportunity employer

Rotateº is an equal opportunity employer and believes that innovation thrives in teams where diverse points of view come together to solve tricky challenges.  As such, we are seeking individuals who will bring diverse life experiences, diverse educational backgrounds, diverse cultures, and diverse work experience.


If this sounds like you, we’d love to hear from you — Email Emilia:

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