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A new online destination for the worlds oldest barbershop.


Established in 1805 Truefitt & Hill are officially recognised as the world's oldest barbershop.

Today, Truefitt & Hill have grown to 25 stores across 9 countries, offering not only first class barbershop services, but also boasting a 140 piece product range.

Their status is affirmed by their holding of a royal warrant, making them certified hairdressers to The British Royal Family.

The Brief

We were approached to create a new online destination that would generate a sustained increase in sales.

The solution had to be effortlessly rolled out to global licenses, whilst also reflecting the quality of Truefitt & Hill’s brand, service and products.

Taking influence from the heritage of the brand, we modernised the identity with a refreshed User Interface.

Our guiding principle was to create an ultra performant site that minimised clicks between customer and purchase.

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The Truefitt Man


Since the launch Truefitt & Hill have expanded into additional global territories. Their UK conversion rates have sustained a more than doubled increase.

Additionally, the adoption of the new site by key licensees, such as Canada and the USA, has contributed to a greater brand consistency.

Truefitt & Hill now possess an easy to manage, secure and profitable eCommerce solution.