Strategy, Brand, Design, Build

Reinventing the luxury holiday booking experience.

The Brief

We were tasked with launching a luxury sailing startup.

Aimed at both first time and experienced sailors, we knew that to compete with already established, and better funded competition, we needed something different.

The Concept

During a strategy process it became clear that the normal (and arduous) method of trawling through extensive search results wasn’t very good. Or very luxurious.

Our user-centred research, led us to the concept of made-to-measure experience options, delivered within 24 hours.

Logo development

The Brand

To support this bold new approach we introduced a name and visual identity, reflective of the company’s digital DNA. Setting them apart from the traditional industry big buoys.

Maiden Voyagers

Inspired by first-time sailors, a supporting brand pattern was taken from the International Maritime Nautical flag of G.

Appropriately, it means ‘I need a pilot’.

The founders sailing expertise was utilised through internal workshops

Face-to-face digital

Assigning an online personal broker to each customer helped retain the familiarity of the traditional brokerage experience.

The luxury experience shouldn’t just start when you step on the boat, but on the first click of the website.

Pictograms to aid the less sailing-savvy users.

The Results

Having just launched, and with enquiries well exceeding expectations, Helm looks on-course to disrupt the sailing industry.

We’re proud to continue the journey with Helm as ongoing digital partners.

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