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Timeless tradition. Modern creativity. Reimagining the Prosecco market.


Created by the Delevingne sisters, Della Vite wanted to make a splash in the market when launching their Prosecco range.

With an artisan product, crafted in the Italian hills, Della Vite looked to tap into a new audience of Prosecco drinkers, whilst also appealing to a well established market.

With rich imagery, we highlighted and elevated the provenance of Della Vite by evoking the rolling hills of north Italy.


Video backgrounds were used to create impact throughout the site, with the UI taking inspiration from the bottle design to create a refined, premium aesthetic.

The colours sought to reflect each products personalities, light and warm for Treviso, dark and sophisticated for Superiore.

"It’s a beautiful, wonderful website" Cara Delevingne

“We’ve been working with Rotate for over 6 months now in the run up to our brand launch on our website and on digital marketing, and their work in both areas has been first class. Their knowledge and expertise has helped guide us through launching the business digitally and we look forward to continuing our partnership as we grow. We are thrilled with the work so far, as are our founders, the Delevingne sisters.”

Matt Field, Marketing Director

Technology to Scale

A headless PWA front-end written in VueJS which is powered by DatoCMS and uses Shopify as the eCommerce platform. Utilising the best tools for the job, both now and for years to come.

Serverless architecture ensures the back-end is scaled on a usage basis, to cater for large spikes in traffic from the founders millions of followers.

With a particular focus on the mobile experience, we utilised media management services to cater for imagery and video content across a range of different devices and connections. All to ensure the customer shopping experience is never compromised.

Ready for growth

Pre–launch we devised a marketing strategy to launch Della Vite digitally across core channels including PPC, SEO, Paid Social and email. That strategy is now being executed as we continue to support Della Vite beyond launch as ongoing digital partners.

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