Design, Build, Marketing

A holistic beauty & wellness brand destination, which encourages shopping at nature’s pace.

The Brief

Firstly, luxury wellness brand Bamford, were seeking a website which reflected the customer experience in their stores and spas.

It should not only convey the brand ethos, but also strive for simplicity in its communication, navigation and shopping experience.

Ultimately, to breathe new life into the brand, giving it relevance to today’s online consumer.


Bamford is an ideology – A company built upon a shared value system of beliefs, rooted in nature, wellness and quality.

Bamford’s customers are ‘Conscious Consumers’ who expect more from the brands they love. They want to go further than just a transaction, they want a relationship; an authentic (and human) experience.

They’re defined not by demographics and instead share an attitude to life.

A lifestyle-led destination balancing Brand & Commerce.

Commerce x Storytelling

Across the product range there are countless stories to tell – From selecting the noblest fabrics, to the finest organic ingredients and botanicals.

Sharing these stories should not distract, and instead enhance the experience, along the purchase journey.


Moving away from WooCommerce, we re-platformed to facilitate enterprise-level growth. 

Our JAMstack approach involved Contentful as a headless CMS, Shopify as the headless Commerce platform all running as a single page application (SPA).

Some benefits of this are:
— Unlimited creativity for the Front-End
— Best in class tools for the job (Commerce, CMS, Search)
— Improved Security, Speed and Performance for users

UX & Design

In a ‘Less but better' approach, we removed bloated features focusing on making the UX as good as can be, enhanced through slow-paced transitions and micro-interactions.

A minimal, clean aesthetic was used to invoke a sense of calmness and serenity.

Digital Marketing

A Digital Strategy that encompassed both the acquisition and retention of customers across key digital marketing channels.

We continue to enhance Bamford's digital presence with Performance Marketing (Pay Per Click, Paid Social, Affiliates), SEO and CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation). 


Through our digital partnership we have seen significant improvements in the performance of the site, within the first six months (YOY) of re-launching:

— 140% increase in revenue
— 60% increased conversion rate
— 35% increase in traffic
— 131% increase in average order

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